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Char war.png

Brief Class Description

Human Warriors are skilled fighters with balanced abilities in both attack and defense. Using Sword and Shield as the main weapons, they are the best weapon-wielders among all races. While in battle, Warriors will show off their intrepidity with storm-like barrage of melee combat actions.

Class Play Style

Warriors are the male counterpart to Valkyries, and while the play style can at times be similar, the skills and overall feel of the class is different. One of the key differences is the retention of a high amount of battlefield agility and general movement, allowing for skilled players to dodge in and out of fights at lightning speed.

They also belong to the exclusive group of classes that can block all frontal damage (to a point) while holding their block stance. This gives them a decent bit of forgiveness for mistakes, but ultimately requires some patience to learn when to drop their defenses and begin their strike. In solo PvP they handle themselves very well, and while not equipped with many support skills they still prove quite valuable in group PvP thanks to their survivability and zone control capacity.

Players looking for a hardy tank class with high mobility and damage (when played well) are advised to go the path of the warrior. While challenging to perfect the class, it's fairly welcoming to new players.