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Learning Skills

Skills are purchased, or learned, with skills points, which you gain primarily through combat. Life skills, or professions, also grant a very small amount of skill experience.

Δ Icon for skill trainer.

There are two ways to spend skill points, in order to unlock skills.

  1. Open the skill menu (Default K) and left click on the skill you wish to learn. This takes 3 Work Points, per skill.
  2. Visit a Skill Trainer, in villages or large cities. This method does not consume Work Points.
If you have enough skill points to learn skills, a sword-crossed shield icon will appear in the top left corner of your screen, beneath your experience bar.

Δ Icon indicator of how many skill points you have to spend.

In addition to skills purchased with skill points, there are specific skills for each class, which can only be acquired through the completely of Black Spirit quests.

Skill Types

Skills are divided into two types: Active and Passive.

  • Active skills are abilities used via your hotbar or a specific key combination.
  • Passive skills apply a statistic modifier to your character, or effects to specific skills.
  • Many Active Skills cannot be placed in the shortcut bar, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the key combo to active those skills. In addition, skills may have hidden abilities which can be activated by an alternate key combination.
  • Some active skills will have no associated key combinations, and will need to be placed on the shortcut bar to be used.
  • Some skills are able to be used while on horseback, with the use of stirrups. To find out if a skill can be used in mounted combat, look for "On Horseback", in the description, along with an alternate key combination to activate it.

Skill Levels

As you gain skills points, the experience required to get more gradually rises.

For this reason, it is wise to pre-plan the skills you want to maximize, rather than try to put skill points in many different skills.

To see what higher levels of skills do, along with their MP cost, point requirement, and skill descriptions, simply mouse over the skill in the Skill Window. A short video will show the animation, along with the key combination, and the description will be written about it.

Skill Effect

When reading a skill description, many skills have notations of additional effects.

For example, some skills are listed as being "Down Attacks". This means, when an enemy is knocked down, and you follow up with a Down Attack, your skill will do additional damage.

Upon being knocked down the monster is also rendered stunned and unable to move for a period of time. While under the effects of a stun the health bar of your target will glow white indicating attack was successful. Each skill has different amounts of effectiveness, determined by the level and type of ability used.

The skills fall into these categories:

Damage State

  1. Back Attacks
    • When your opponent has their flank exposed to you, damage is increased by 1.5 times.
  2. Counter Attacks
    • Skills listed with the "Counter Attack" ability do an additional 2.0 times damage if attacks land while opponent is casting.
  3. Down Attack
    • Attacks on opponents that are knocked down inflict an additional 1.5 times damage.
  4. Air Attack
    • Attacks hitting opponents while knocked into the air do an additional 2.5 times damage.
  5. Speed Attack
    • Skills listed with the "Speed Attack" ability do an additional 1.5 times damage to opponents as they charge at you.
Knowing what state your skill will leave the enemy in allows you to chain attacks together for more efficient combat.

Status Effects

  1. Bounce
    • Knock enemies down and slightly backwards causing them to bounce off the ground.
    • Also applies the "Down Attack" status upon successful hit.
  2. Knockdown
    • Trips enemies leaving them prone on the ground.
    • Also applies the "Down Attack" status upon successful hit.
  3. Faint
    • Disable your opponent temporarily causing them to be stunned.
  4. Rigid
    • Applies a very short stun to enemies.
    • Skills with the "Rigid" effect are most effective with fast combat abilities.
  5. Knock Up
    • Forces the opponent off balance lowering their defenses and knocking them into the air.
    • Also applies the "Air Attack" state and "Air Smash" effect, and upon falling to the ground the "Down Attack" status effect is applied.
  6. Grab
    • Grabs the opponent and causing damage and applying the "Rigid" effect.
    • Holding the attack down further causes the opponent to be smashed into the ground.
  7. Knockdown Smash
    • Knocks opponent away as they fall to the ground.
  8. Air Smash
    • Knocks opponent away as they fly into the air.

Using Skills

Most active skills have key combinations pre-defined with in game controls. The play style is designed to be similar to the smooth flowing combat feel of console systems, allowing for very dynamic battles.

Depending on your style of play, you can tailor your game play around use of key combos or utilizing the traditional MMO action bar. Some skills require use of the action bar and others may prove more comfortable to activate with this method.

Please note some skills may allow for different functionality based on the method used to activate them. (These skills are typically tailored for quicker paced combat that flows more freely via pre-defined game combos rather than action bar activation.)

Δ Example of skill showcase video.

One of the best features provided for understanding how to operate and execute skills using the combo keys is located within the skill window (Press "k" to open). Mousing over each skill will display a short video showcasing the ability in action and what key presses are utilized to trigger it.

Pay close attention as skills are leveled up, as some gain additional key combinations leading to more powerful effects.

If a skill video does not display a key combination it requires a slot on your action bar to activate.
Use of a gamepad is supported, however you may need to define your own controls to suite your personal needs for full enjoyment.