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Skills allow your character to perform attacks and decimate foes in combat. There are a large variety of skills for each class to choose from, with ranks that increase damage or healing, provide bonus status effects and much more.

Each skill has a preset key combination to execute, or can be registered to a quick slot for use. Some skills can only be used via Quick Slots, while some are not able to be registered to a Quick Slot at all. You can look at the tooltip, if you are unsure, by hovering your cursor over the skill and looking at the top of the tooltip window, below the name.

Primary Skills

The primary skills are shown on the first tab of the skill window, which can be opened with Default K. These can be used with the primary and secondary weapons, and you begin to gain them at level 1.

01 RabamSkills.jpg

Default Skills

Some skills do not require any points to be added, and your character will gain them automatically, after completing prerequisites. These include, but are not limited to level requirements and quest completion.

Spending Skill Points

To select new skills, or higher ranks of existing skills, you need to spend skill points. Skill points are gained via questing, combat and life skills, however, the amount gained depends on the activity and difficulty. For example, killing gray monsters will yield less skill exp than killing pink monsters.

Much like Character Level, your skill points are achieved via levels, and each time you reach a new level, you are granted 3 skill points. You can check your Skill Level Progress by looking in the top left hand corner of your screen, beneath your character level progress bar. If you have enough skill points to purchase a skill, the crossed Sword and Axe icon will appear beneath the character level progress bar. Clicking this icon will automatically open your Skill Window.

19 RabamSkills.jpg

To spend your Skill Points, open the Skill window (Default K) and identify the skill you wish to purchase. Left click the skill and it will consume the required points, buying that skill for you to use. Each purchase of skill points will also consume a small amount of energy, however, you can avoid this by visiting a Skill Instructor. To find a Skill Instructor, you can use the NPC Search Function, via the magnifying glass at the top right corner of your screen, near the minimap.

Absolute Skills

Absolute Skills are very powerful versions of many Primary Skills, however, they have very high level and skill point requirements to learn. These skills will have the prefix Absolute, and can be found at the end of the skill line they belong to. Once you have fulfilled the skill requirements, you will be able to learn them, making your skills even more lethal and powerful.

17 RabamSkills.jpg

Rabam’s Skills

Rabam’s Skills can be gained starting at level 56 and 57. These skill combine two Primary skills to make an even more powerful skill. At the bottom of your skill window, you will see two boxes, which will glow with a blue border if you have reached the appropriate level to unlock them. Select the square and a menu will appear on the right side of the Skill window showing your Rabam Skill options for that level. Hit Select next to the skill you want and make sure you read the skill combination, so you can flawlessly execute it.

If you do not have the required skills to create the Rabam’s skill you want, they will appear gray in the menu, and you will not be able to select the skill. Simply hover your cursor over the gray skill icon to see what skill or rank is necessary to achieve Rabam’s.

18 RabamSkills.jpg


Once your character reaches level 56, you will be able to unlock a new level of might and power by awakening your class. This will grant you another weapon, and a new tab on your Skill window will be made available, the Awakening Tab.

04 RabamSkills.jpg

These skills can be learned in the same way as Primary Skills, however, they require much higher levels and larger allotments of Skill Points. You can freely change stances, which will swap your weapon between your Primary and Awakening, to take advantage of all skills you have available.

Unlearning Skills

If you are unhappy with a skill, or no longer find it useful, you can unlearn it, in order to retrieve your skill points and invest them somewhere else. To do this, right click the skill rank you wish to unlearn. You cannot unlearn Default Skills.

From 1-55, you can unlearn skills at any time, however, once you hit 56 this changes. In order to unlearn your skills, and re-invest your skills points, you must use the Armstrong’s Skill Guide. This item can be purchased from the Cash Shop, Loyalty Store and gained via some quests. It lasts for a specific duration, which is indicated in the item tooltip, and while it is active, you can change your skills at any time.

Skill Add-Ons

Another way to power up your skills and grant them more effects in combat is to apply Skill Add-Ons to them. Starting at 50, you gain skill add-ons every two levels, up to level 60. The first three, at levels 50, 52 and 54, apply to your Primary Skills, while the add-ons at 56, 58 and 60 apply to Awakening Skills.

To apply a Skill Add-On, you must visit a Skill Instructor and select the Skill Add-On button, which should be ringed in orange. This will bring up the Skill Add-On menu, which will show you if you have any add-on slots available, along with those you have already learned.

12 RabamSkills.jpg

If you have an empty slot, select it to be taken to a new menu. This will show you skills with Add-Ons available, on the right. Select the skill you wish to apply add-ons to and it should appear in the middle window.

13 RabamSkills.jpg

Below it, you will find two slots that read “Please select an effect to apply”. Click the plus sign, “+”, on the right, to bring up a list of available effects for that skill. These can include increased attack and cast speed, HP and MP recovery, status effects and much more.

14 RabamSkills.jpg

Once you have selected the skill and add-on effects you want, hit the “Skill Add-on” button at the bottom of the window. You will see an animation and the new add-on will display as a Skill Awakening Description banner at the top of your screen.

15 RabamSkills.jpg

Must like skills, you can learn and unlearn these freely before level 56. Once you have reached that level, you will need to consume a Cliff’s Skill Add-on Guide, in order to exchange Add-ons for your skills.