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Brief Class Description

Elven Rangers are the specialists of ranged archery attacks. Under the grace of the Sylphs, Rangers present swift movement in any situation of battle. Most of their skills are based on preventing enemy's attempt of melee approach. The Sylph's mystic power is the source of their ability.

Class Play Style

Archers in Black Desert are one of the few truly ranged only oriented classes, with the singular mindset of always keeping distance. While they certainly have skills in the event opponents do make it close, their most damaging abilities are best suited for mid range combat.

Solo PvP is certainly possible, and even quite good in the hands of a skilled kiter, but the class truly shines when involved in group based combat. The raw damage output on any opponent not paying attention is no joke, and they can unleash a good amount of AoE damage for any foolish enough to group up.

This makes them equally good in PvE, and reasonably forgiving as long as you play to it's strengths. Not everyone will find Archers to fit their style of play due to the nature of kiting, but those who stick with it will find there is decent growth for expert level play.