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Black Desert boasts a party system to allow players to group up with friends to tackle harder tasks, grind more efficiently, or simply give guidance by being able to mark way points for group members.


To form a party simply approach another player and utilize the interaction menu by either hitting "Ctrl" on the keyboard to bring up the mouse control and click on them, then click party invite. Another method is if they are a friend, or guild mate you can simply have them message you in the chat window and right click their name, then select invite to party.

Party Options


There are a few important options available to you when you belong to a party (which can be set by the party leader):

  1. Party Menu arrow to quit party or delegate a new leader.
  2. Drop down menu to set loot options for party.

Loot Options

There are a few choices you can make as party leader for how loot will be delegated to members of the party:

  • Free For All (functions as you'd expect)
  • Ordered (Everyone takes turns)
  • Random (Rolls Dice to randomly determine who has loot)
  • Party Leader (Only party leader can loot)
  • Being in range is important for loot availability