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Musa Class Selection.png
The Musa is a swordsman armed with an arsenal of powerful area of effect skills and blazing speed to devastate their foes in the blink of an eye while avoiding danger.

Weapon: Blade
Sub-Weapon: Horn Bow
Awakening Weapon: Crescent Blade

Class Overview

The Musa is a master of agility, delivering savage slices with his blade before his enemies even realize he is upon them. He is not only quick, but also cunning, employing counter attacks and never hesitating to break off an attack if it proves fruitless.

Should he be surrounded, the Musa can be overcome, but catching him is more challenging than it might seem.

Below are some of Musa’s notable skills.

♦You can select skills in game, via the Skill Menu, Default K.
Musa Main.png

Musa BlindThrust.png

Immediately stop any other action, and deliver a backward thrust.
  • Activate by pressing Space or W + Space.
  • Recovers WP and increases Crit for a short time.
  • Reduces enemy accuracy and can apply the Stiffness condition.
  • Can be used while on cooldown, at reduced efficiency.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 20 skill points to max out all ranks.
Combos into: Musa NemesisSlash.png
Perform a horizontal slash, after Blind Thrust.
  • Activate by pressing Space, after Blind Thrust.
  • Can apply the Stiffness condition.
  • This skill has a maximum of 2 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 27 skill points to max out all ranks.
Passive: Musa UltimateNemesisSlash.png
Perform a whirlwind attack after Blind Thrust.
  • No activation, as it is passive applied to Nemesis Slash.
  • Recovers a moderate amount of HP and can inflict the Floating condition.
  • This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 31 skill points.

Musa DragonBite.png

Build up strength and release it in a deadly thrust.
  • Activate by pressing S + RMB.
  • Consumes Black Spirit’s Rage at 100%, applies Forward Guard, and can stun enemies.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 35 skill points to max out all ranks.
  • Combos into: Musa DragonClaw.png
Perform a powerful spin slash after Dragon Bite.
  • Activate by pressing LMB during Dragon Bite.
  • This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 11 skill points.
Combos into: Musa LunarSlash.png
Perform a double upward slash after Dragon Claw.
  • Activate by pressing LMB after Dragon Claw. Hold LMB to spin twice.
  • Can inflict the Floating condition.
  • This skill has 1 rank at a cost of 10 skill points.

Musa RisingStorm.png

Swing your blade to create a powerful tornado that sweeps enemies into the air.
  • Activate by pressing S + LMB + RMB, or Shift + Q.
  • Will increase you DP for a short time, spin enemies to face away from you, pull them closer and can inflict the Floating condition.
  • You can use this skill while on cooldown, at reduced efficiency.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, at a cumulative cost of 41 skill points to max out all ranks.

Musa Main Pose.png


Musa’s awakening skills focus on heavy slashes and strikes.

While swiftly moving to confuse and disorient the enemies, like he always does, the new skills will bring heavier weight into your combat routine.

Below are some of the core skills of the Musa Awakening.

♦Awakening Skills tab can be found at the top of the Skill Window (K)
Musa Awakening.png

Musa CrustCrusher.png

A magnificent aerial skill. Musa fully charges his Crescent Blade and strikes the ground. The targets will fall down on the ground greatly damaged, and an additional attack is available.

Musa Projection.png

Musa realizes the energy of the Crescent Blade and projects it forward, pushing the target.

Musa OneStepBack.png

Musa jumps backward and brandishes the Crescent Blade ahead. It reduces damage taken by the Musa while attacking the target.

Musa MusasSpirit.png

Musa instantly exudes powerful energy to stun the targets around him. This skill can be performed instantly, and it makes a wonderful bridge in combos.

Musa Awakened Pose.png


In a humble village in the Far Orient, a boy’s birth was announced with the majestic roar of a tiger at dawn. The villagers took this as a good sign, happily expecting that the boy would do something great for the town one day.

The boy grew rapidly, but his development was shaped by the tragic death of his father and the expectation of the villagers. He proved to have a gift for martial arts, specifically detecting an opponent’s weakness and exploiting it with his blad. The highlight of the boy’s days was hearing about the arrival of visiting Martial Arts Masters, so he could challenge them. As the years passed, he fought challenger after challenger, but never lost. While this enhances the boy’s reputation, it also planted the seed of arrogance deep within him. The one dream he held close to his heart was earning a place in the “Western Frontiers”, a guild of the best martial artists, which could only be joined by winning the Kingdom’s Decennial “Grand Tournament”, held in the capital. Neither the villagers, nor the boy doubted that he would outshine his competition.

So it was that the year of the Grand Tournament arrived, and, as per everyone’s expectations, the boy made it to the final round. His prowess did not draw the acclaim he anticipated, however, as the spectators were more focused on an old master who nonchalantly beat all of his opponents with a gigantic crescent blade. As the final round began the entire continent was watching the young man and the old master's duel. After a heated battle, the young man felt his impending defeat for the first time. In his desperation, he let loose a final blow, though he did not expect it to succeed. To his surprise, the old master began to vomit blood, encouraging the young man to exploit such a weakness.

The young man claimed the new title of the Martial God after winning the Grand Tournament, and finally joined the Western Frontiers. He had just achieved his childhood dream, but he did not feel as if he had earned it; instead he felt enraged. The cheers of the audience should have been solely for him, but they all went to the old master who tried his best until the very end. For someone like the young man, who believed there was no one above him, it was unbearable. Blaming everything on the old master, the young man set out to search for him.

The old man was living in a cave deep in a mountain. The young man searched for the cave, and once he had reached it, challenged the old master again. This time the duel was very different and the young man was unable to beat the old master. Despite being defeated the young man did not give in, and repeatedly challenged the old master as soon as he finished recovering. After each duel, the old master would look down at the young man and say, "Walking the path of the martial art means walking the path of endless innovation. Let everything flow naturally, and you will reach the ultimate will of fate someday..."

It took thirteen hundred and eight days for the young man to finally defeat the old master. A once arrogant young man found humility and felt the joy of true victory. The countless days of challenging this old master had been an opportunity to reflect on his ways and repent. The victorious young man expressed his admiration of the old master by bowing nine times every three steps, asking to be the master's apprentice. The old man accordingly congratulated the young man, and accepted his request.

This new-found happiness did not last long, however. The old man's health quickly deteriorated, and the young man eventually had to bury the old master. This was a difficult time for the young man who had spent so much of his time with the master and was now all alone. That's when the young man found a letter titled "Martial God Secrets" and his teacher's will.

The legendary "Martial God" Haeam, was supposedly assassinated during a power struggle. He was well known , for he had climbed to the top rank of the entire Western Frontiers with nothing more than his single crescent blade. The teacher’s will explained that the master was the young man’s father who disappeared after begetting him. Upon recalling the old master's kind eyes, the young man could not control the flow of his tears.

After holding a funeral for Haeam, the young man returned to the Western Union to defeat his father's old nemesis one by one, and also succeeded in claiming the Crescent Blade, his father's weapon, a national treasure, and the symbol of the top rank of Western Frontiers, which he dedicated to his father at his grave. He, at the same time, promised to never open the secret letter until he fully understood his late father's teachings.

After climbing the Western Frontiers' hierarchy, he pursued politics like his father did. He was his father's son after all. The trickery and wiles of the political world put his life in jeopardy time and time again. Many times he barely survived until he boarded a ship bound to the West with the Martial God's secret and a blade. After another close brush with death, the young man decided to forget everything and focus on his path of martial arts. No one could surpass his skills in the kingdom so he knew he would have to find stronger opponents.

He somehow had a feeling that at the end of his path, when he reached the closest to the Haeam's secret and his own enlightenment, he would become the true Martial God.