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Maewha Class Selection.png
A graceful combatant with a specialized skill set, the Maehwa can lock down any foe with a wide array of control skills.

Weapon: Blade
Sub-Weapon: Horn Bow
Awakening Weapon: Kerispear

Class Overview

Graceful and agile, the Maehwa lightly drifts from enemy to enemy, leaving a trail of wounds, red as blooming poppies, in her wake. Like a mischievous sprite, she is never where one expects her to be, but the bite of her blade will always find a home in her enemies. Like the wind, she is hard to capture, staying just out of reach, almost as if her very existence is a way to taunt those who oppose her, and make them rue the day they laid eyes upon her.

Make no mistake, though she is fast, light on her feet, and incredibly deadly, she is not invincible, and should she be bound in any way, she will be hard pressed to survive the encounter.

Below you will find some key skills for Maehwa.

♦You can select skills in game, via the Skill Menu, Default K.
Maewha Main.png

Musa BlindThrust.png

Immediately stop any other action, and deliver a backward thrust.
  • Activate by pressing Space or W + Space.
  • Recovers WP and increases Crit for a short time.
  • Reduces enemy accuracy and can apply the Stiffness condition.
  • Can be used while on cooldown, at reduced efficiency.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 20 skill points to max out all ranks.
Combos into: Musa NemesisSlash.png
Perform a horizontal slash, after Blind Thrust.
  • Activate by pressing Space, after Blind Thrust.
  • Can apply the Stiffness condition.
  • This skill has a maximum of 2 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 27 skill points to max out all ranks.
Passive: Ultimate:Musa UltimateNemesisSlash.png
Perform a whirlwind attack after Blind Thrust.
  • No activation, as it is passive applied to Nemesis Slash.
  • Recovers a moderate amount of HP and can inflict the Floating condition.
  • This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 31 skill points.

Musa DragonBite.png

Build up strength and release it in a deadly thrust.
  • Activate by pressing S + RMB.
  • Consumes Black Spirit’s Rage at 100%, applies Forward Guard, and can stun enemies.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 35 skill points to max out all ranks.
Combos into: Musa DragonClaw.png
Perform a powerful spin slash after Dragon Bite.
  • Activate by pressing LMB during Dragon Bite.
  • This skill has 1 rank, at a cost of 11 skill points.
Combos into: Musa LunarSlash.png
Perform a double upward slash after Dragon Claw.
  • Activate by pressing LMB after Dragon Claw. Hold LMB to spin twice.
  • Can inflict the Floating condition.
  • This skill has one rank at a cost of 10 skill points.

Maewha MaehwaDecapitation.png

Concentrate the energy of your sword to inflict a piercing attack, followed by forward slash.
  • Activate by pressing LMB + RMB.
  • Can stun enemies.
  • This skill has a maximum of 5 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 64 skill points to max out all ranks.

Maewha ChaosRedMoon.png

Disappear in a rain of petals with the help of the Red Moon’s energy.
  • Activate by pressing S + LMB + RMB, or Shift + Q.
  • Applies Forward Guard and increases AP for a short time.
  • Can spin the target to face away from you, and inflict the Floating condition.
  • This skill has a maximum of 3 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 72 skill points to max out all ranks.
Passive: Maewha UltimateChaosRedMoon.png
Allows you to perform Chaos: Red Moon during any other action.
  • No activation as it is a passive applied to Chaos: Red Moon.
  • Can slow enemy movement speed.
  • This skill has 1 rank at a cost of 31 skill points.

Maewha Main Pose.png


Maehwa specializes in fatal stabbing attacks when the target is caught off-guard. With the new Kerispear, you can attack multiple targets in range with a single blow.

You can still fully take advantage of Maehwa’s swift movement while experiencing much heavier and more powerful attacks with the Kerispear.

Below are some of the core skills of the Maehwa Awakening.

♦Awakening Skills tab can be found at the top of the Skill Window (K)
Maewha Awakening.png

Maewha RoyalRage.png

This skill can be activated during Full Moon Wall. Maehwa will use the enemy’s motion and power to perform a counter attack.

Maewha PetalDrill.png

Maehwa quickly moves forward and performs a powerful stab.

Maewha StickySnowflake.png

Gather frost energy to shoot snowflakes ahead, slowing down the targets in both attack and movement.

Maewha FrostPillars.png

Load the energy of the Kerispear onto icy waves and throw it at the target.

Maewha PetalBloom.png

Gather the energy of the Kerispear and stab the target in front of you to inflict great damage.

Maewha FlowCloudStab.png

Swiftly and powerfully stab with the Kerispear to attack an airborne target.

Maewha Awakening Pose.png


In the capital city of a faraway Oriental kingdom lived a notorious little girl, who was well known for her mischievous ways. One day an army officer noticed her talent in fighting, and decided to adopt her. Through rigorous training and education in her new home, the girl grew up to be an elegant young lady as if she had been born to that family from the beginning. Only one thing stuck with her as she went from the notorious little girl to the elegant young lady, her dream to join the "Order of the Apricot."

Apricot was the name of the beautiful valley full of apricot flowers in winter, and it was also the name of the order of young martial artists. The Order of the Apricot motivated members with the hope of climbing the social ladder and honing their own skills. The girl started training in the order a year after she decided to join it.

The girl never flinched from her work once she joined the order, it was full of great warriors from all walks of life and she was determined to be one of them. A year later, the girl graduated from her apprenticeship, and the following year she became eligible election as the "Maehwa," the leader of female warriors. While she was elated by her own success, an old woman visited and told the girl unbelievable things: She told her that a cold but beautiful flame, called the Crescent Petal, lives on the tip of the spear wielded by an enlightened warrior, and that there is no enemy who can stand against you, if you possess the Crescent Petal. This was believed to be no more than a legend because no one had achieved this state since Bihwasun founded the order. Only the leader of the order can fully understand and investigate the existence of such secret, however, and the dreamy story made the girl's heart race; she was thrilled to have a new goal.

Three years had passed since the girl joined the Order of the Apricot, and the continent was once again swept up by the craze of war. After going through the brutal war and peer competition, the girl lost the pure values of creativity and friendship, which she had in the beginning. She was being assimilated into the culture of the order, only seeking techniques and fame without any respect for life. She would do anything for her career. As she climbed up the hierarchy, the sacrifice of colleagues and subordinates was taken for granted, and the same went for civilian sacrifices.

With every victory, there was an enormous amount of damage. As she returned triumphantly, she went straight back to the Apricot Valley not even thinking to pay a visit to her adopted parents who wholeheartedly raised and took care of her. Her mind was devastated from the war and had no room for such emotions; she could only eagerly await her next promotion.

A month after the end of the war, the girl finally became the leader of the order. She was the youngest and first female leader in the order's history. As soon as the ceremony was concluded, she went into the deepest cave in the valley to check the "secret" of the order. An old spear and a secret note were located in the cave. After verifying the old woman's story was true, the joyous girl wasted no time to start learning the secrets. After a year of training, there was still no sign of flame on the girl's spear.

The news of her step-parents' passing found a way to her the next year, but she did not care, only focusing on the secret of the Crescent Petal. Her martial arts were simply not advancing at all, and that was when she started having nightmares. Every night she had to confront the sacrificed colleagues, subordinates, innocent civilians, and the contenders from her time in the war.

It had been five years since the girl discovered the secret note, now the brilliant and confident girl was gone, and on the leader's throne was sitting a worn-out and exhausted woman. Countless hours of training contributed nothing to acquire the flame. She was still suffering from nightmares. Finally, she decided to start over, and went back to the cave she found the secret note in. The old woman who told the story of the Crescent Petal was waiting for the girl.

As soon as she spotted the girl, the old woman dashed with a spear. Startled, the girl responded with her spear. As the tips of both spears touched, a blue flame emerged from the old woman's weapon. It was the Crescent Petal, the girl's ultimate dream. The old woman's every single move was scolding the girl for her stubbornness and obsession. Confronted by the sight of her dream, the girl responded to the old woman's attack, trying her best to defeat her.

After a while, a silence fell between them, and the old woman introduced herself as Bihwasun, the founder of the Order of the Apricot. Bihwasun told the girl to constantly empty and fill herself with new arts, just like how flowing water never stops. The talk did not last long, and the endless back and forth of battle continued into the night.

At dawn after the moonset, the winner was decided. It was the girl's first loss, the kind she had never had in her life. She had no energy to even move a finger, but she felt reborn. She felt like she could understand at least a tiny portion of what Bihwasun meant.

The girl resigned from the leadership the next day, and left the valley with minimal luggage. She had no idea where and when her journey was going to end. All she needed was the teaching of Bihwasun in her heart.

"Never stop emptying and filling yourself with new art. The Crescent Petal will answer your call when your shell breaks."