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Imperial Trade NPCs are specialized trading NPCs who solely deal in Imperial Trade Good packages, located in every major city and town.

To trade with an Imperial Trader, you must bid the rights to trade first, so you can obtain the ability to trade Imperial Goods during the set intervals the Imperial Tradesmen accept deliveries.

While expensive to produce, Imperial Trading boats a much greater pay than trading normally would.

Imperial Trading Precautions

Be careful with Imperial Trade Goods, as they are expensive packages. Avoid Thief markers on the trade maps, and stick to highways to avoid damages while travelling. Be wary of enemy players killing you, either PKers or enemy Guilds. While transporting Imperial Trade Goods, you will receive an icon above your head marking you as a lucrative target.

Trading Rights

To trade with an Imperial Tradesmen NPC, you must first bid for the rights to trade with them. Bidding will only proceed during set intervals of the day, with an in-game announcement to notify you of the time. With the announcement though, other players may come to bid as well during this period.

When the bidding period begins, each player gets a single bid they can place. At the end of the period, you will be notified as to whether or not you have acquired the rights to trade. If you failed to receive trading rights, your bid will be refunded.

If you earn the rights to trade, you will be allowed to purchase Imperial Goods in Imperial Estates, and then sell them to the Imperial Trade NPCs located at different estates.

Δ Imperial Trading Announcement