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Gardening is defined as growing and cultivation of agricultural items Rent a fence from an NPC and place it where you like. Plant a variety of seeds and await your harvest. You also have the choice to breed your plants for seeds, some of which will yield better quality crops. The last option is to produce haystacks to attract friendly cows for a special treat. While gardening requires a little preparation, it is not difficult!


Renting a fence is simple, all you need are some contribution points and a green thumb. Visit any of the NPCs at various farms to rent a fence. The most expensive fence at 10 contribution points will allow you to tend 10 different types of plants.

Note: It is impossible to purchase additional fences if you already have one in your inventory. If you wish to rent another you must either place it, or store the fence at a city.

Fence Type Maximum number of Crops NPC
Small Fence 4 [Require 3 contribution points]

Finto Farm: Martina Finto, Costa Farm: Mael Costa, Dias Farm: Enzo, Altium Nova: Difry Hussey

Plain Fence 7 [Required 6 contribution points]

Toscani Farm: Paola Toscani, Moretti Plantation: Mereusi Anne Moretti, Northern Wheat Plantation: Norman Leight, Gianin farm: Goolie Gianin, Trent Town: Trang Cush, Altium Nova: Pinrin

Strong Fence 10 [Require 10 contribution points]

Heidelberg: Flaviano Bruno, Calpheon: Gera Noah Altinova: Surla

Old Moon Fence 10 [Requires 10 Contribution points]

Any Old Moon Manager in various cities

Place a Fence

A fence can only be placed in an unsafe area or “combat zone”. Right click the fence icon on the bag to switch to the arrangement screen. Move the mouse so that you can place a fence in the desired area. We would suggest avoiding obstacles such as rocks or trees and setting up a fence in your scope of activity in order to manage gardening easily.

01 garden.jpg

02 garden.jpg
You can only place a fence with a green outline. When you complete placing your fence, press the ‘R’ key to start tending your garden.

Planting Seeds

When your garden is ready, it’s time to plant seeds. Seeds can be obtained by gathering bushes or by purchasing from an NPC.

03 garden.jpg
Planting a seed is similar to the arranging furniture. At the bottom of the screen, there are seeds that you can plant, so select the seeds you like and drag them to your desired section Some items in your garden take up multiple spaces. Read the tooltips on each of your seeds/items to see how much space each takes.
04 garden.jpg
The haystack occupies four grids.

When you finish planting your seeds, you will see a 0% growth rate. As time goes by, it will grow and yield items to loot.

Crop Management

While crops will grow on their own, there are things that must be done to maintain your garden. Crops can affected by humidity and temperature, can be attacked by birds and pests, need to be pruned, and need to be watered. You can even make them grow faster with fertilizer.

First, pruning and pests occur randomly. It is recommended that you should resolve these quickly because the growth rate will start to drop. When you are pruning and taking care of pests, you will earn farming experience as well as rewards such as blackstones. These actions can be completed by walking up to your crops and pressing the ‘R’ shortcut to interact with them.

05 garden.jpg
There is something wrong if your fence is red on the world map. 
06 garden.jpg
When the yellow gauge turns red, your crops need pest control or pruning. You can accomplish this by hitting the shortcut ‘R’ on your keyboard 

Next we will learn about two items what can help you in your agricultural endeavors.

Scarecrow The scarecrow will scare away birds. You can craft one through the carpentry workshop. This item will require a spot in your garden.

Irrigation System The irrigation system will reduce the amount of water your crops need. They will require a spot in your face, so plan accordingly. This item can also be crafted

Without these two items you can still have a successful harvest. You can still water your crops manually, but birds will not leave until you install a scarecrow.

07 garden.jpg
08 garden.jpg

09 garden.jpg
Use Distilled Water to tend to your garden.


If you wish to have a garden without all of the effort you can hire workers! Workers can prune and take care of pests, but they are unable to water or scare away birds.

10 garden.jpg
 Click on the garden icon at the top corner of your screen. Here you can send workers to your various gardens.
11 garden.jpg
It's much easier when someone is doing most of the work for you!

If all of this seems too much to handle, dont worry. Your crops will still grow without all of these items and workers. It will just take much longer before they will be ready for harvest.


When your crops grow to 100% they are available to be harvested. They will continue to grow up to 200%. There is no significant disadvantage until 100% to 199%. However, at the moment when the crop growth hits 200% your crops will start to grow old and will yield less. Harvests are divided into ‘general harvest’ and ‘breeding’. The general harvest literally means the act of obtaining a yield. Breeding simply means acquiring seeds from your crops. Successful breeding will yield higher quality seeds. Furthermore, if your crops exceed 200% growth there is no penalty.

12 garden.jpg
Walk up to the plant you wish to harvest by pressing shortcut 'R' or breeding with shortcut 'F5'


When you breed a plant, you acquire its seeds. These seeds can then be used to plant more plants for continued harvest! Often times you will be able to find high-quality seeds that will yield better crops.

Mysterious Seed

Mysterious seeds are special seeds that you can acquire through regular gardening actions. They do have a low drop rate so do not be discouraged if you don't receive one right away. By shaking the mysterious seed and another type of seed through the processing tab which will yield a special version of that seed. This special seed will take up 5 spots in your garden, but will yield more than that. You can also breed them to receive alchemy ingredients.

14 garden.jpg

Magical Seed

Magical seeds are valuable seeds that are obtained once you reach Farming Artisan 1 or up and Farming Special seed/hypha using Plant Breeding. Magical seeds take up 5 times the usual amount of grid space, but give 5 times the amount of harvest in return

15 garden.jpg

Old Moon Fence

If you reach the plantation masters level 1, you will be able to use the Old Moon Fence. You can talk with the Old Moon manager of each town to rent an ‘Old moon fence’. This fence will allow the same amount of grids as the Solid France, but it will take up less space physically. The Old moon fence requires 10 contribution points same as solid fence. It is recommended that you switch your Solid Fences to Old Moon Fences as soon as you can!


While you can't have a farm with cows and chickens you can put down a stack of hay. Eventually a friend will come by and leave you a present!

13d garden.jpg
13f garden.jpg

* The contents of this wiki may differ with in-game content depending on updates and content changes.