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Gardens can be created by dropping a fence, available for rent at any town's Material Merchant for contribution. There are multiple fence sizes, dictating the amount of crops you can grow; and fences can only be placed in certain areas.

Garden Layout

You can use your garden by placing it just outside of a village. Try to avoid any obstructions in the area you place your farm to get maximum yields. Farm locations are phased, so don't worry about placing on top of someone else's farm, as you will only see the one you placed down at that spot ever again. Crop growth will only progress with the character logged into the game.

Δ Enter Batch Mode to place seeds down onto your garden.

Harvesting Methods

Factors such as humidity and heat can effect the growth and health of your crops. If the temperature is too low, your crops won't grow fast enough. Too much humidity and pests may wind up in your crops. A system message will inform you if your crops are suffering any damage. It costs energy to harvest your crops as well.

  • Pest  : Pests in your plants reduces the yield.
  • Watering  : Crops wither without water.
  • Pruning  : You need to weed your garden to keep the weeds under control.
  • New Frost  : Reduced yield and reduced scarecrow planting success rate.

Δ System message for when your crops need your attention.


Gardens have a limited time for use after placement. Make sure your crops are harvested before your garden gets demolished. If you have no crops in your garden, you can pick up the fences to return to the vendor your rented it from, and rent a new garden.

Δ Use the map to check your garden's location and remaining time.