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In Black Desert Online, you can do more to progress your character than leveling and gaining skill points. You can imbue your equipment with magical power, improving its stats and even quality.

Quality Enhancement

There are three main quality types for armor and weapons in the game: Green, Blue and Gold. Green is the base quality for all armor pieces, whether crafted, purchased, or looted. Blue is the second tier, and often comes with a modifier that improves defense against a specific damage type. The highest quality of item is gold, and while it does not have a modifier, it has the highest stats.

♦Weapon Reform Stones are used to upgrade the quality of many weapons.
01 WepReformStones.jpg

♦Armor Reform Stones are used to upgrade the quality of armor pieces.
02 ArmorReformStones.jpg

♦Ultimate Reform Stones have no chance of failure and take your item all the way from blue to gold.
03 Ultimate.jpg

There are specific items that cannot have their quality improved, such as Liverto weapons. Keep a look out for these items, as they are often quite powerful on their own.

To enhance the quality of your item, open the Black Spirit window (Default ,). Select the “Enhancement” button, which should be ringed in purple, and place the item you wish to enhance in the Enhancement window. Next, select the appropriate item Reform stone from your inventory, and place it in the left side of the enhancement window.

If your enhancement fails, the quality may be reduced, while success will increase it. If you use an Ultimate Reform Stone, there is no chance of downgrade or failure.

Weapon and Armor Enhancement

To further empower your weapons and armor, you can upgrade them with Armor and Weapon BlackStones. These enhancements can increase the AP, DP, accuracy and more of your gear, and will apply levels to your items so you can better keep track of your progress.

Initially, items can be leveled, or enhanced to +15. For Weapons, the first 7 levels have no chance of failure, while armor cannot fail for the first 5. After that, each time you attempt to enhance an item, there is a risk of failure. To enhance your items, you will need Blackstone (Armor) for your armor pieces, and Blackstone (Weapon) for your weapons.

04 BlackStone.jpg

Using the same enhancement menu as you did for the Quality Enhancement, place the item you want to enhance on the right side, and the appropriate Blackstone on the left. If you prefer, you can skip the enhancement animation with the check box below the animation bar.

♦Select the Enhancement Option in the Black Spirit menu to Enhance items.

If you fail, your item will lose 5 points of Maximum durability, and you will gain a Failstack Point. If you succeed, your item will gain a new level.

♦Failstacks show up at the top of the Enhancement Window

Maximum Durability

Your gear has two forms of durability: Maximum Durability and normal Durability. The normal durability is the red line that decreases as you deal or take damage, and can be repaired at a Blacksmith for Silver. Maximum Durability, however, determines how high you can repair your equipment, from 1-100. If your item only has 20 maximum durability, you can only repair it to that point, unless you restore it first.

♦You can see your item’s Maximum Durability by hovering over it with your cursor. Also, you can see what it will become on its next enhancement level if you hover your cursor over it, while in the Enhancement window.

In order to restore Maximum Durability, you must repair the item with the same type, or use Fragments of Memories. For example, if your Grunil Helmet is at 20 durability, you can visit the Blacksmith and use another Grunil Helmet to add durability to your item. Sacrificing an item in this manner will restore 10 maximum durability at a time.

Should you choose to use Fragments of Memory, however, the quality of your item will determine the repair value. If the item is gold, it will repair 1 Maximum Durability, 2 for Blue quality and 3 for Green quality. For rare items, such as boss gear, these are considered more cost effective than sacrificing another high value piece.


When you fail to enhance any item, you are given a Failstack. This displays on the Enhancement screen, at the top. Failstacks can increase your chance of success when Enhancing, and the next successful enhancement you perform will consume the failstack, resetting it to 0.

There are items that you can use to provide instant failstacks, or save a failstack you do not wish consumed. The first of these is the Advice of Valks. This will have a number designated with a +, and using the item will overwrite any failstack you might already have, replacing it with the failstack indicated by the number on your Advice of Valks.

The second item, Blacksmith’s Secret Book, can be used to save a failstack. Only failstacks up to 50 can be saved with these books, which can be purchased from a blacksmith for a nominal fee. Each book can save a specific range of failstacks, and the price varies depending on that range. Once you have used a Blacksmith’s Secret Book, you will have an item that can later be used to overwrite your failstack and provide the amount you had saved.

Guaranteed Enhancement


You can also preform a Guaranteed Enhancement on any Main Weapon, Sub-weapon, Awakening Weapon, Helmets, Armors, Gloves, or Shoes. Upon using the following items and performing Guaranteed Enhancement, you will consume 30 Durability and obtain 100% chance of successful Enhancement. This system will allow you to upgrade your gear from +13 to +15.


Note: These Magic Black Stones are NOT eligible to be registered on the marketplace.

  • Stabilized Magic Black Stone:
    • Allows you to perform enhancement on green-grade gear from +13 until +15.
  • Cleansed Magic Black Stone:
    • Allows you to perform enhancement on blue-grade gear from +13 until +15.
  • Flawless Magic Black Stone:
    • Allows you to perform enhancement on yellow-grade gear from +13 until +15.

The quantity of Magic Black Stones consumed in Enhancement is as follows:

  • When Enhancing to + 13: x5
  • When Enhancing to + 14: x8
  • When Enhancing to + 15: x13

If your gear is reformed, you will need to use the same type of Magic Black Stone that you would need for the non-reformed version of the gear.

Beyond +15

Once your equipment has reached +15, you can take it further, however, the enhancement method differs very slightly. Instead of using Blackstones, you must instead use Concentrated Blackstones, which can be created by combining Hard and Sharp Shards with normal Blackstones, via the Melting Process.

05 Shards.jpg

For Concentrated Armor Blackstones, combine two Blackstones (Armor) with one Hard Black Crystal Shard, and use Sharp Black Crystal Shards, with two Blackstones (Weapon) to create Concentrated Weapon Blackstones.

06 Concentrated.jpg

The levels you can reach after +15 are PRI, DUO, TRI, TET and PEN. Reaching TET and PEN can be very difficult and you may fail a few times before you get there. Failure will downgrade your equipment, however, it cannot drop below PRI, once you have reached that stage. Additionally, failure will consume 10 maximum durability, instead of 5.

Accessory Enhancement

Enhancing accessories works much differently from weapons or armor. Instead of using Blackstones, you must use the base accessory for whatever you might be enhancing. For example, if you have a PRI Ogre Ring that you wish to enhance to DUO, you must use a regular Ogre Ring to attempt the Enhancement.

If you fail to enhance an accessory, not only do you gain failstacks, but the accessory is destroyed in the process, along with the base version you were using to attempt your Enhancement. It should be noted that Silver Embroidered Clothing operates in the same manner as accessories, requiring the base item as a component.

Cron Stones

To help prevent the downgrade of items, or the destruction of accessories, Cron Stones can be used during the enhancement process. You must have Cron stones equal to half the current value of the item, which can be purchased from a Blacksmith for 1 million silver each. If you use them for armor or weapons, they will prevent item degrading during the enhancement process, however you will not gain any failstacks if you are unsuccessful. If used for accessories, they prevent the destruction of the accessory, however, it can degrade instead.

Alternate Items

There are several other types of items that can be Enhanced, such as mount armor and fishing poles. These use Blackstones (Weapon) or (Armor), however, they have no safe Enhancement levels. You can fail at any time. There is no risk of degrading the enhancement level, however, and they have different level caps than other items. For example, horse armor can be enhanced to a maximum of +10, but can fail at any point during that process, even at level +1. Please note that Fishing poles have a special mechanic that can allow them to downgrade if an Enhancement fails. The maximum durability of these items is repaired in the same manner as weapons and armor, by sacrificing the same item at a blacksmith. Please

Asula’s Accessories

There is a special set of jewelry, known as Asula’s, that can be enhanced in a very different way from normal accessories. Instead of requiring the same accessory, these are enhanced with weakened versions of themselves. These items cannot be sold on the marketplace, and can only be gained from mobs in specific areas. Like normal accessories, failure to enhance will destroy the accessory and enhancement component.

07 Asula.jpg

08 WeakenedAsula.jpg