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Black Desert's armor and weapon system is a little different from most games you may have played in the past. Gear is transferable amongst any of your characters via the warehouse, and is rarely bound to your character unless stated otherwise (usually quest or event gear).

Due to this unique system, they have taken a creative approach to the handling the volume of gear types, and how the player base upgrades them. One of the mainstay methods for upgrading gear comes in the form of black stones, one for each gear type (armor or weapon).

Enchanting Gear

To access the Enchantment menu, you must first complete the "Awakening" main story quest for the black spirit itself. Once completed players will find a new menu item within the Black Spirit menu ("," by Default) titled "Enchantment".

Δ Safe Enchants can be done up to a certain point before risking failure.

From within this menu you can begin enhancing your armor or weapon depending on which black stone type you posses. Simply place the gear in the right hand side of the menu, and the stone in the left hand side and click enchant.

It's important to note that Armor is a guaranteed success up to +5, and Weapons are safe up to +7. Taking enchants beyond their safe level runs the risk of failure which will be covered in more detail below.

Please note you may have your black stones stacked during these enchantment attempts, so long as you make use of the top most button after passing safe enchantment levels. Use of the second button will consume more stones (at higher levels) in an attempt to give a better chance of success, more info below.

Unsafe Enchanting

Δ A risk involved with unsafe enchants is losing durability on the item if it fails.

Once items have been enchanted past their guaranteed success level (+5 for armor, +7 for weapons) they begin to have an increasing risk of failure, and a scaling penalty for failing. The rules are as follows:

  • Any item above it's safe level but below +15 can fail with no risk, and applies an increasing buff to chance of success till a new enchantment level is achieved.
  • Any item above +15 has a chance to downgrade back to +15 upon failure.
  • You may use as many stones as you like to increase the chance of success, any stones that would push chance of success above 100% will be returned after enchant.
  • Failed enchants cause max durability damage to items, which can only be repaired via blacksmith and consumes an identical item at base level. (Does not need to be enchanted)
The stacking buff from failed enchants will be consumed by any enchant for any gear that is beyond it's safe level enchant. This means if you have a high number of failures, do not waste it on something going from +8 to +9 because the chance of success is already decently high.

Enchanting Accessories

Accessory enchanting functions nearly identical to the way armor and weapons do, with one fundamental difference. Rather than using stones, accessories must use another accessory of the same base type (+0 ring of same type will power up a +2). The main risk of jewelry enchantment is that a failure at any level results in destruction of the item.